South Seattle College, 6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle
Preregistration required:

Mediterranean Wine Tour
2 Tuesdays, October 20-27, 2015; 6-9 pm; $77 all fees included.
Join Sommelier Dieter and taste your way through wine regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Lebanon, from Turkey to Morocco. Sample interesting wines not often available for tasting. Class includes effective tasting techniques, wine vocabulary, a bit of history and geography of the regions, best wine-buying strategies, wine-and-food pairing guidelines, correct serving techniques and temperature, and hints for proper storing and aging.

Unique Experience: Choosing Champagnes for the Holidays
2 Tuesdays, November 10-17, 2015; 6-9 pm; $77 all fees included.
Planning to serve Champagne this holiday season? Taste Champagne and Crémant from France, Sparkling Wine from Washington, California and New Mexico, Spanish Cava, and Italian Prosecco. Champagne, the ultimate celebration bubbly which always seems to be a mystery. Learn from Champagne Aficionado and Placomusophile* Dieter about styles, what the label tells you, how Méthode Champenoise wines are produced, buying strategies, proper service, etiquette, and how to match these wines with your holiday dinners. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to try a variety of “bubblies” that are not often available for tasting.
*A Placomusophile is a person who collects metal caps covering the top of the cork of a Champagne bottle. Distinguishing labels are printed on them.

Wine Tasting Primer: Sight, Smell, Taste
3 Thursdays, October 29-November 12, 2015; 6-9 pm. Repeated
3 Tuesdays, January 26-February 9, 2016; 6-9 pm; $103 all fees included.
Learn how to taste wine knowledgeably and accurately describe what you are tasting. In this beginner course, explore wine types, grapes, varietals, and wine regions of the world, as you learn the basics of reading a wine label. Gain hints for smart buying, proper storing and aging. The course will also include a discussion of wine-and-food pairing, what matches well, what doesn’t, and why.