Le Tour 2014

The 101st Bicycle Tour de France is in full swing! Join Francophile/Francophone Sommelier Dieter Schafer as your guide and tour through 12 French regions and taste wine from 12+ grape varieties. The French grape varieties are compared to the grapes grown in Washington and the Wines produced here.

Class includes “A Crush Course in Effective Wine Tasting,” lots of wine vocabulary to help you describe what you see and smell and taste, a bit of history and geography of the regions, best wine-buying strategies, wine-and-food pairing guidelines, correct serving techniques and temperature, and hints for proper storing and aging. Tasting each session.

3 Tuesdays, July 15-29, 2014, 6-9 pm.
South Seattle College.
6000 – 16th Avenue SW, Seattle WA 98106.
$93 per person, all fees included.
Preregistration required 206-934-5339 or http://www.LearnatSouth.org .
Info southced@SeattleColleges.edu .

Wine Tour de France – Continuing Education – South Seattle College.